Sissy Steve Kuhn loves sperm and is a connoisseur of cum. Sissy Steve is fascinated by the rhythmic expulsion of cum from a cock, by its gelatinous texture, the feel of it on her tongue, its smell, and its taste.  Sissy Slut Steve Kuhn loves to receive large volumes of sperm inside from any source. Sissy Steve spends days and nights in a continual quest for males who can provide large volumes of thick, tenacious, opalescent jism.
Sissy Cum Slut Steve Kuhn is a cum slut with an exceptional appetite for sperm and it doesn’t much matter where it came from. Although Cum Slut Steve craves cum in any orifice, Sissy Slut Steve likes to drink a cupful through a straw and also like to brush her teeth with cum.

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