Please comment rate me honestly

rate my little thing honestly laugh at it please comment and tell me how use less it is and how i should be in chasity or eating my own cum everytime


2 thoughts on “Please comment rate me honestly”

  1. First of all. You should be quite content with being tiny. Not every boi, can be a real man. If your TS or trans sissy, then you should strive to find ways, to make it smaller still. Also, i think it needs a razor or two maybe. As trim that clitty hair. The bush is over for girls these days. Sissys as well. Find a Dominate/Mistress and hippies that they can help you along. Find pleasure in pleasing O/other’s. Obediance is pleasure, pleasure is obediance. Just give in and get on with your life. I think you’ll find yourself loving chastity as well as constantly on edge


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