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Tips to get more ratings.

Tips for more votes!

Since is a very new site it does not have much traffic from search engines coming to it.  This means if you just upload your dick pic and that’s it, you are not likely to get too many votes. Also once your picture goes to the second page… well you’re fucked. But don’t worry I’m going to try and teach you how to over come that and get more votes, no matter what page your picture is on!


I bet some of you guessed it! Sharing your link is how you’re going to achieve more votes. After you submit your picture, go to the homepage click on your picture so the page loads then copy the URL.
Now what you are going to do is share it on social media such as tumblr/twitter/reddit and whatever else. The trick to this is to write something that will make people want to click the link. For example on twitter you could write “The guy I hooked up with said my dick was the biggest he has ever seen” then insert the link to your dick picture. Now ofcourse your dick is tiny as fuck… but this will get people interested and want to see it… when they see how small it is, ofcourse you will get a low vote… but it’s all about who has teh most votes not who has the highest votes! If you are computer savvy, you could use a service to mask the url so they don’t see it’s a tiny dick site!

Reddit is also a good place. But you have to be very careful with reddit, if they see you are just promoting a website they will quickly ban you. So like the twitter example I showed you, write something interesting maybe tell them how you fucked a girl and she was complaining that she couldnt feel your dick, then ask if they think your dick is too small and link to your picture on this site.

This is just 2 examples, there is countless ways of getting your link out there. Those who think outside the box will forsure get the most votes and end up getting the banner spot on!


If you want to use the method of masking the link I reccomend using this site

Copy the url for your picture and paste it in the text box on that site, and it will give you another link so know one knows it’s a tiny dick website. But ofcourse some people will love it’s a tiny dick site, so no need to hide it all the time!