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My Public Humiliation

My name is Robert L. or Bob I am a 100% novice & have never seen a Mistress. I have just gotten up the courage to make contact & truthfully tell or admit to you my real story & a very real fear’s that I always have had and am trying to deal with & face.


I have never been seen by a Woman. or what I mean is I have never been seen naked with my penis exposed in front of a Woman. All my life I have always avoided being seen nude by any female. I always have hid it so it wouldn’t be seen. Ma’am itโ€™s because I have a small penis. Or a real little dick, That I am now and have always been Very Embarrassed About.



Just to give you an idea of what scares me the most or my Greatest type of Fear’s is being put under control of a Dominate Women in charge such as a police officer, correction’s officer, or the worse case being taken to jail and processed by a female correction officer that orders me to & conducts a complete strip search of me in front of other female’s watching and enjoys seeing & keeping me naked with my little penis exposed in front of them.



Meeting a Goddess that tricks me into sending humiliating naked photo’s then toy’as to what She can do with them .. ๐Ÿ™ย  or worse blackmail’s me to submit to every Order or be Posted in Public Naked ๐Ÿ™

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