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Contest rules. MUST READ


As alot of you are probably aware is having a contest. The person with the most ratings on will get onto the banner. In order to go into the running you must put your exposedfaggots username in title or part where you can add text when submitting your dick picture.

It seems I didn’t really think this through when I first came up with the contest. There is lots of people cheating the system using programs to change IP addresses to vote more then once on their own picture. I could make it so only members can vote, but the site is too new for that and people woudn’t get enough votes. So what’s going to happen is if your picture has way more votes compared to others and looks suspect, I will ask you to let me know the places you shared the picture to get that many votes. If you cannot show me where you shared the picture you will not be eligible for the banner spot. Also if the only place you shared was on you also will not be¬†eligible.

Maybe the top 5 pictures will have another vote where only members can vote. I’m trying to make this as fair as possible without you dipshit faggots cheating and ruining it for others.