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Boi 🐪 toe

Boi clit, sissy balls tucked back w/ boi camel toe…

…Always forced to wear stuff like this by my girlfriend & her black breeding Bulls.  They all enjoy humiliating me over my tucking induced camel toe.  Sometimes while her Bulls are fucking her they’ll stick their fingers where my boi clit has been strategically tucked between my sissy boi pussy lips & they go at it.  Those Bulls are experts at making me drench my panties with multiple loads of cum from my boi clit.  Don’t even get me started when two of her Bulls show up…

… simultaneous side by side breeding.  Those kinds of nights make for interesting morning showers with my girlfriend.  She loves helping finger the rest of those deep loads out of my permanently gapping boi hole.  The shower is finished once I orally dispose of her bulls late night deposits.

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8 months ago

Mmmm I’d love to suck your clit and swallow your sissy cum. Your Toe is hot. Email me at

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